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How to decorate our home - Home ideas

Guide for Interior Decorating Accessories

It's easy to decide that you want to change something in your home. More difficult was the choice how to make it. Not always necessary architects and designers. There is much more simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your house or apartment and sami.

1. Invest in the best
Instead of the full house with junk and cheap souvenirs, you better choose something you really like. Enjoy the process a little less desired decorate a room in a way that will matter vazhita not only at home but also your guests.
How to decorate our home - Home ideas

2. Change Color
Everything from cloth and has a color, not like you or just tired, can be replaced. Find the workshop, which deals with a dye fabrics and bold approach to the selection of new ones.

3. Make room friendly
Select light tones to make a room warm and welcoming.

4. Use the available material
Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each room and they decorate the rest of the house. If you have high ceilings, place the long curtains. If the apartment is small and dark, do not try to change it. Clean white walls sometimes can only make it look uninspired and tedious. Instead, Try to create atmosphere.

5. Light

home decoration

No matter how small it is set, place at least three light sources. Ideally would be if you set a high floor lamp and combine it with two more small table lamps. So will make room in Ray.

6. Antiques are chic
Invest in antiques. You may place one in each room, fixing the tone and mood of the whole apartment.

7. Think outside of the front door mat
Not neglecting the front door. Look on it as a unit, which prepares for what will follow. The entrance to meet the style of your house, but at the same time contain anything in particular that causes guests to want to see more.

8. Collecting
Collecting more objects that best speaks to you. No matter what will be, this number plays an important role.DMD Orchid Vase

9. Place small locker for small objects
Small lockers in the office or hallway at home may prove extremely useful. They can store shoes, rucksack children, mail and more.

10. Wallpapers

home wall decor

Not necessarily to put wallpaper or use paint to change the walls at home. You just pretapitsirate them with a cloth on your taste. So will make the rooms more comfortable and luxurious, will further isolate them and you can come out much more expensive than ordinary wallpaper.

More space in your home and office

blue green red funky modern living room with white and red chandelieroffice Interior

1. "Add another peg. See if you can use better place in the closet or the closet, if he hastwo or more walls. So one fit shtender (stick), which attach long garments (trousers, dresses) and on the other - two, one below the other - on shirts, skirts, sweatshirts.

purple floral wallpaper modern home officeoffice furniture

2. "Install racks. Most raftove in the closet or cabinet may be moved up or down. Can razmestite so that the distance between them is different. Or, if big enough - to add further between them, as long as that does not hinder their use. Plastic cabinets with many mobile raftove are ideal for the kitchen. Good idea to fit his corner stand to match each room or office. There will be wonderful stoyat photos vazi, small figurines and other treasures.

3. "Use shkafchetata. Chekmedzhetata shkafchetata and you can buy from any further furniture store are ideal to save space. There are lockers for example, special boxes that hold spices or tea and coffee. They are on a rotating basis - when you remove a box in its place comes next. You can find those collected in 40 boxes. There are coffee table with some amount coming in each other. So the place is occupied by only the biggest but as your guests arrive you can remove them and other so arranged that everyone has a comfortable place for coffee and fresh. Chekmedzhetata under beds and couches are the perfect place to arrange tablecloths, sheets, towels. Be creative and use these as "hidden" features.

home and office interior design4. "Remember the walls. Look around and see how much free space there on the walls in your apartment. There are many ways to use this recent space. For example in the kitchen can hang them pans or some of the most used utensils. If you do not have enough plot, you can do so resilient, to raise when not in use. Position beautiful skirt on the walls, where you can arrange the boxes of coffee or tea, photo frame or any other sundries. In almost every corner shop selling cabinets or raftove to be installed very easily.

5. "Make the most common subjects of one hand distance. If possible, hold the things you use most often near to where them. For example - CDs - by regulation or TV, bed linen - in the bedroom, spare toiletries - in the bathroom. If you use scissors in his office and the kitchen, keep in mind two, so I always have handy. So save time and things will be very well arranged.

6. Buy your extra drawer. Most shops for furniture and office accessories you can find moving boxes or pull-outs with rings. They can not keep everything and are suitable for both home and office. Various sizes allow holding them under the desk, under the bed or couch and remove them easily when you need it.
office furniture

7. "Keep your desk cleared. Tidy desk is a prerequisite for a more productive job than that zatrupano with paper documents. Take your store klasyori other office accessories, boxes of pencils, paperclips and any smaller objects. CDs will be protected and arranged in specific klasyori and pull-outs. So easy to find what you need without wasting time and concentration. interior

office interior8. "Rearrange". Each has a different taste and preference for furniture. Arrange office and home so that work for you. If you have a large and comfortable kitchen, you would not need a dining room. If you work at home and your office is dark and bright bedroom, but rather the opposite - not wondered long and change their places. Just look around your house and display the most convenient way for you.

9. "Alter the articles. You have many favorite subjects, but little visible. Here's one for you. In a few months alter your favorite items that are arranged as home and office. One to store in the cabinet and remove other time repeat the procedure. So will not need to izhvarlyate valuable things for you. There may be fussy and would allow the articles to see.

orange white autumn fall colored home officeOffice interiors

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Transform your kitchen cabinets

bananna kitchen wall colors
Old cupboard in the kitchen you were a pain to omraznali. White getinaks navyava only boredom and your financial capabilities are limited. Top - easier and cheaper to replace kitchen cupboard door or a little more resources and skill to create nastroenie.

kitchen cabinetsWe ten ideas on how to change to neuznavaemost door with nothing inconspicuous cupboard. The easiest way is painting, n ow you've decided to prevaplatite in artist, you can make picturesque canvas of white doors - here's how:

1. Choose the appropriate car paint colors and within minutes they will become unrecognizable. Background is a stop - fairness, but what will narisuvate then - the choice is yours.

2. How to prepare the door? To begin with washing and drying them well, then with fine sandpaper izshlayfayte them to be able to hold paint. Then prime with colorless nail polish. List keynote Two hands, then narisuvayte a template or a free hand desired picture. Top fix with colorless nail polish - this will be easy to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

Color trends for modern kitchen 2009

3. Melamin plates are sold in stores, there are two persons in two colors, handy if you were alone can skroite doors, with or without binding cord - a matter of taste and desire. The color you choose, by and comply with other kitchen equipment.
wood kitchen cabinets

4. Another easy way is to be self wallpaper or foil. Offered in stores in different colors in stripes, with floralni reasons - so you can add new colors in your kitchen.

5. One way to change is this - buy from the shops of rattan roll, you can easily razkroite and paste it on existing loopholes or within, a matter of taste and desire is whether it otsvetite or will remain in its natural color. It is beautiful in itself.
romantic kitchen interiors

6. If the table in the kitchen you like wood and rustic style, you can make wooden doors and letvi.

7. Another way is to pin sachak where you wish to frame him.

kitchen cabinets8. If you have a traditional thinking and extravagance like, you can paste on the metal doors in different picture film - moon, stars and more.
 Wood kitchen cabinet

9. It is very fashion presence of textiles in the kitchen. So door base cabinet can successfully replace with curtains, in line with the tablecloth, gloves and various kitchen accessories you - cheaply and effectively decide on the kitchen of the house.

10. The last and decisive touch handles are (hand). They can be wood, metal, plastic or brass - the choice is a big market, they give your work finished.

Quick refreshment around the house - Ideas for home

House Garden by Fr Antunes.

The first thing we see in one house, its appearance and spatial layout, so place a place of occasional visitor and see the side home - what are its advantages and disadvantages, what can be preserved and what changed? Next ideas can help refreshed vision of home.
home house refresh

1. First, you need to do is make a few pictures of the house and possibly by all sides. Looking countries will help to Distance from home and to look with greater severity. Once you have completed your photographic exhibit multiplied photos so that they can to paint on them - add a decorative timber shaped paths and flower trimmer - something like a cheap software that will save you a lot of nerve, resources and time.

2. If you have qualities such as skill and enthusiasm, alone can produce a low ornamental fences for color trimmers or effective trellis for the inlet area of the yard. Large chain stores usually have a section for gardening, where you'll find all the necessary materials and tools. The end result will be more than satisfactory.

3. Instead of concrete, gravel or use river stones to cover the lanes - they will have much greater decorative value. Alternatively, replacing the standard mall in the grassy part, is making plochopateka - several large flat stones that are arranged one after another - a decision which carries east broadcasting.

Miller House Garden

4. Near the trees or bushes can put large plaited baskets to be focused. A small baskets then be filled with artificial apples, squash and other fruits to remind for this season.

5. Use awning and sheds. They are ideal choice for summer, and a cool time - from the sun, from rain and snow. For entry spaces is particularly advisable to provide peak above the door.
Bourton House Garden -- Gloucestershire

6. Lighting should not be forgotten. It is the final touch that creates original garden accents and lanes.

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Child Room - One Little World

StayaDeteto child spends a substantial part of your life in your room. For him it is a source of memories in his life later. Therefore, its equipment is essential to calm the child grows and becomes a full human being.

Child RoomThe main task of parents is to create a little world in which it feels most comfortable, to ensure a cozy atmosphere, peace and security. Psychologists have long shown that the room directly affect the development of personality and the establishment of nature. Should firstly be material. Below is the ideal wood, natural wood or laminate, which is anti-static and not back at the aesthetics of the tree. Since the 5-6-year play, dance and move a lot, almost necessarily means putting a rug, whether a wall to wall or in kata for the game depends on you. What matters is easy to be cleaned, it is anti-static. Colors can be selected in line with the overall design of the room.

StayaStenite child may be in a tonne, decorated with drawings or nalepeni with color photos. Girls like flowers and butterflies, or the Little Mermaid Barbie, the boys are appropriate Ninja turtles. So if small natsapat wall stain can be easily hidden. When selecting wallpaper is also abundant among the heroes of videos and comic books. May be paper or vinyl, you can put those wash.
kid’s bedroom interior
Many hangings are an important element. The material they depend on the general design and location of them. May be light curtains and shifon of organza, satin or solid or combinations of materials. Good options are roll-up shutters and shutter. Lighting can be used classical chandelier. Azhurno Crystal and glass are not appropriate for the child as having adverse effects on vision. The distribution of light should be soft and evenly. Can be used for perimetralno aplitsi halogen lighting (on the perimeter of the ceiling).

Child RoomThis achieves a soft and warm light. It is desirable that light can be regulated. Cozy atmosphere depends largely on the choice of colors. 5-6-year love bright colors - red, purporno, rose. The child should not be testily of colors. A good option is a combination of close t colors, but not bright. The floor, walls and ceiling should be in bright colors - white, svetlosinao. Furniture, blinds, carpets and toys may be less saturated.
detska staq

You can choose furniture or ready to order. While turned 10 years, in most cases the child perceives the world through their senses, so the choice of nursery is very important. Kids get a huge amount of information on the nature and should always prefer natural materials. Children used to the environment, they learn very well perceive quickly and easily. House not have plastics prenasiten with, glass and metal technology prichudlivi forms. Suitable for children's environmental materials, natural fabrics, natural colors. Plastic toys has to be supplemented by wood, clay.

small nursery
Minimalizmat style is not suitable for children. Variety of subjects, various fabrics and colors form the creative ability to contribute to mental and physical development. Minimalizmat can only help children to concentrate in the area of learning. If the child painting on the wall, not scare - it is nesasglasie or protest. Behind the chaos in the room, however, may be hiding not only lazy and accidie - it may be a sign of conflict in the world and issues like infantilnost, unable to adapt, nekontaktnost. Permanent and long messy room requires attention and more conversations with the child to clarify the issues.

ideas for nursery

In shaping the child take into account whether one or more children and what sex they are.
According to Feng shui bed must be high to allow energy to freely move between the bed and floor, corners must be rounded, which is a safe room should not be neither too large nor too narrow, is unacceptable bed to the window or door. Ceiling may Decorations with clouds, birds, stars. The walls must breathe, so best wallpaper to paper. The windows have access to the world and therefore are required. Demand for furniture at all costs for environmental compliance certificate. The rule states - at least furniture up space. The necessary things are clothes, toys and racks for books, bed, working corner.

Child RoomPsychologists advise vizulano room to be divided for sleep and rest and to learn and play. The child must be able to retreat. The TV is taboo for children, and all electrical appliances night should be excluded from favor. The tank is something beautiful, sashtevremnno ovlazhnyava air, and the child learns to be responsible as fish food and care for them. Live flowers also complement the atmosphere - citrus trees enhance immunity, improve mood, provide a good sleep.

When children are two - Try to distinguish space. Each has its cabinet, books and personal effects. Even if we are twins, they are entitled to live their lives. If the bed is two-storey, the second floor should be as high. The most important thing remains to make the child a part, not to walk for hours in shops, but still gave him the opportunity to voice their views and share their fantasies.

Way of life in the modern world increasingly defines the work and active adult holiday and the way children grow and develop.

Start by choosing a theme for your kids room. Fire trucks and airplanes set the theme in this boys room decor. This also helps guide your color selection, in this case warmer tones.

Increasingly higher standards sets and greater rigor to the quality of products and services. That goes for children's equipment and furniture for children's toys and entertainment. Increasing is the need to incorporate children's fantasies unexpected harmony with the high demands of their parents. We offer a few ideas, recommendations, tips and explanations for the selection and design of children's game equipment. Nursery is a specific area, which is a steward child. It should feel comfortable and parents We are convinced that the child was in complete safety. No subject should not be sharp or "dangerous" handles. It is also necessary that all materials are natural, tested for quality and content.

Child RoomFor children from 1.5 to 5 years are eligible soft toys, colorful ponds made of easy cleaning materials that do not cause allergic reactions. Toys are animals or vehicles. Room with these toys may not be great because toys are portable and can complement one another. If you want diversity, you simply expand the area for a game or games to include more children. You can even build a train in the center of the room. All this contributes to the development of motor skills of children for the perception of colors and shapes. Alternatively maze for children from 3-4 to 10-12 years. The larger is impress on bicycles, boxes pears and tunnels, drums, balls, batuti, games, which develops power and skill. Needed 4-5 cubic meters. Subject of children's playground is diverse - wonderland forest, jungle, water world. But best when coordinated with the child pofantazirayte together, do joint projects for the future interior.

How To Redecorate Kids Room
During the winter season major part of their time children spend in the nursery. It should be warm and cozy. Here are some tips to fitting a nursery:

Focus on functionality

How To Redecorate Kids Room

Important factor that should not be underestimated in furniture, is the need for frequent cleaning of the room. The floor must be made of suitable material. Vinyl flooring in a variety of colors and sharki are suitable for such equipment.
The Carpet will be entered in the nature of perfectly uyutni places corner with books or toys. Another option for flooring represent expensive interfluent rubber tiles that can be found in a variety of bright colors with izrisuvani numbers, letters and pictures.
These symptoms imagination and painted the walls of the nursery. You can izpolvate favorite characters of your child or some fantastic themes. If your child is greater, you can include painted, having made the template to use.

How To Redecorate Kids Room

The furniture in the nursery furniture in the nursery must be mobile and easily adaptable, a material which has been well sustained physical activities for children. Hand-painted, artificial sastarenite furniture are a great choice.
The usual export of material and holes in the upholstery caused by child energichna game, adding more warmth and charm of the furniture. Furniture nursery should be allowed to keep toys on your child and to provide enough space where they can play and deals.
Would be very useful for students if their offices have separate locker or stand for fear, brushes, sets labor and equipment and similar gear. Safety may not represent your child opanost high cabinets and whatnot, they ensure them a healthy zahvanete bolts to the wall. Keep your favorite games and toys easily accessible place for the child to not at risk when they get to play with them. If possible let Racks no loopholes to prevent the danger of nip.